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Our Services

Idrovelox offers a huge amount of services:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of sewage treatment plants;
  • Maintenance and cleaning of thermal destruction plants;
  • General civil and industrial cleaning;
  • General collection and transport to waste disposal;
  • Extraordinary maintenance of black sewage systems with restoration of structural functionality;
  • Video inspections and mapping of sewage systems;
  • Disinfection, disinfection, rat extermination;
  • Remediation of polluted places.

Assistance for loading, transport and disposal of waste from:

  • Thermal destroyers;
  • MSW dumps;
  • Dumps and/or treatment plants for waste which are special and dangerous or not.

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Management and maintenance of sewerage systems

Idrovelox offers to its customers a large fleet of vehicles that can be distinguished by type, size and field of use.
The company has at its disposal:
  • Combined Hydrodynamic Purge Vehicle Canaljet of small dimension that can be used in cases where access spaces are reduced or when vehicle traffic is not allowed to vehicles over 3.5t;
  • Hydrodynamic Combined Purge Vehicle Canaljet of medium dimension, suitable for cleaning medium and large pipelines;
  • Combined Hydrodynamic Purge Vehicle Canaljet with Sewage Recycling system, ideal for cleaning large sewage pipes, whether they are white or black, ensuring considerable savings, both in time and cost. In this way the amount of waste for the disposal is substantially reduced.

Transport of special and dangerous waste

The company, thanks to the wide range of equipment, provides the transport service of disposal and/ or recovery of liquid or solid waste, dangerous or not, regardless of whether these are produced by private individuals, large companies or public administrations.
The Idrovelox fleet dedicated to the transport of waste is composed by:
  • Hydrodynamic Purge Vehicle of small, medium and large size;
  • Semi-trailers of 30 cm ADR;
  • Semi-trailer Walking Floor of 92 cm;
  • Truck with a caisson of small, medium and large dimension;
  • Demountable trucks equipped with caissons of different sizes.

Environmental remediation

Idrovelox, due to the professionalism and experience gained over the years, is confirmed as the leading company in the field of environmental remediation.
In fact, thanks to the highly specialized and trained team and a H 24 availability, the company is constantly present where negligence, intentional or force majeure causes provoke environmental pollution of land or aquifers pipes.

Execution of works in confined spaces and/or suspected of pollution

Pride of Idrovelox is the very high specialization in performing activities in confined places and/ or suspected of pollution.
Regarding to the processing in confined environments, they are almost in all the production fields, from the chemical to the agriculture one and even in transport. Some examples are: silos, hoppers, containers, decanting and/or lifting tanks, sewage systems, sewage treatment plants, etc. In addition, they have the following characteristics:
  • They are accessible by limited openings (e.g. walking distance);
  • They have adverse natural ventilation;
  • They aren’t designed and created to host in a regular and continuous way.
Here all the activities must be performed by following the rules established by the DPR 177/2011. In this regard, Idrovelox has certified according to the standards laid down by the management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Suction excavator

The suction excavator is a machine with an advanced technology, particularly recommended for construction, as it increases the speed of work and leads to the reduction of manual work. This state-of-the-art device replaces conventional excavators, especially in situations where there could be a lot of complications due to lack of space or some technical difficulties. Moreover, the suction excavator can be used by public administrations, industry and individuals in works’ situations which go from the maintenance of sewage treatment plants to the reactivation of pipelines. The device has proven to be effective also for the activities of land reclamation, collection and removal of debris and demolition residues, thanks to its versatility and flexibility of use. In fact, with its extensible pipes, the excavator manages to collect and remove debris and demolition residues placed in point that are uncomfortable or even impossible to reach with conventional instruments.
The suction excavator is ideal for activities such as:
  • road maintenance;
  • maintenance of subservice systems;
  • civil and industrial cleaning;
  • sewerage systems;
  • cleaning of tanks and sewer lifts.

Video inspections and mapping of sewerage systems

Idrovelox offers to its customers the service of video inspection and mapping of sewage pipes.
With the support of the equipment for all the different kinds of video inspection, such as periscope cameras, fixed rod cameras with rotating lens and cameras with robotic trolley, the company ensures the inspection of:
  • small-scale sewerage pipelines, like sewerage and/or rain pipes of residential buildings;
  • Black and White sewerage pipes of small and big dimensions;
  • Tanks for the storage of waste water.
For the purpose of guaranteeing an increasingly accurate service, helped by the modern instrumentation in possession, Idrovelox provides the detection and mapping of sewage and water systems.

Water and sewerage rehabilitation

Thanks to the most modern non-destructive renovation technologies, it is possible to restore the full efficiency of the pipes without intervening on walls and floors.
To achieve this, inside the damaged pipes, are inserted special fiberglass coatings or special resins that, perfectly adhering to the damaged walls, restore the entire structure of the pipe, ensuring an efficiency equal to that of a new pipeline.

Highway services

Idrovelox Team Petrelli, through its new high-tech vehicles ensures purging services, cleaning of wells, maintenance of hydraulic platf orms and fi re protecti on doors rei - not rei- which aredriveway in tunnels, cleaning and purging of discharges and Imhoff tanks present in all buildings, as well as conti nuous and detailed acti vity of purging and hydraulic adjustments of the highwaysowned by Autostrade per l’Italia spa.

Sanitation and disinfection

Idrovelox is recognized for the sanitization and disinfection services of civil and industrial places, which are available to the customer with extreme professionalism and precision. It uses ozone sterilizations, in order to destroy bacterial and viral charges, which proliferate and provoke the contamination of the entire environment.
The specific knowledge of the various types of pests, the effectiveness of the methods used and the study of the environment give the possibility to carry out in a professional way and with cutting-edge methodologies, work of:
    to reduce the risk of infection by Covid-19
    against bacteria and insects
    against rats and mice
    against cockroaches, bedbugs, insects, fleas and ticks
The company, in the respect of the current laws about the environment, hygiene and safety, adopts all the most appropriate and effective intervention systems, in order to eliminate the problems caused by weeds, always ensuring respect for the surrounding environment and safeguarding people’s health.

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